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A heat pump transfers air from the atmosphere and converts it into heat this is then transferred and used to warm the home and provide hot water. via underfloor heating or radiators. BBHS are a premier provider of heat pumps in the Bridgend and South Wales area

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If your old boiler is approaching the end of its life, why not replace it with a low-carbon heat pump. The UK Government is currently offering a Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant of £5,000 towards the cost of an air source heat pump. We will process the application for the grant on your behalf. We supply and fit heat pumps in the Bridgend and South Wales areas and beyond and can help you achieve an efficient and warm home so please contact us soon.

An air source heat pump (ASHP) is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that utilises the outside air to provide warmth during the colder months and coolness during the warmer months. By extracting heat from the ambient air, the heat pump transfers it indoors, raising the temperature in the winter. Here are some of the top benefits of using air source heat pumps:

Join the movement towards a greener future.

Efficiency in Energy Use

Air source heat pumps excel in energy conversion, turning ambient heat into functional energy for homes. They tap into renewable energy sources, cutting down dependence on fossil fuels, which leads to more manageable energy expenses and a reduced carbon footprint.

Economic Advantages

Using the naturally available heat from the air, these heat pumps can considerably reduce heating costs. They have an impressive efficiency rate, producing three units of heat for every electricity unit they consume, making them an economical heating option.

Contribution to a Cleaner Planet

Through the use of renewable energy, air source heat pumps play a role in cutting down carbon emissions. Adopting this green heating alternative allows individuals to proactively address climate change and promote sustainability.


When maintained appropriately, the life expectancy of air source heat pumps can exceed 20 years. This ensures that homeowners get a lasting return on their investment.

Financial Support from Government

The UK Government has rolled out a Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), presenting a grant of £5,000 for those who opt for air source heat pumps not hybrid – this does not include hybrid heat pumps. We will facilitate the grant application process on your behalf.

Quiet Operation

Operating with minimal noise, air source heat pumps maintain serenity in homes. The subdued sound levels allow households to experience efficient temperature regulation without disruption.

Compact Design

Air source heat pumps, in contrast to conventional heating systems, don’t occupy much space, allowing for seamless integration even in homes with space constraints.

Boost in Property Worth

Integrating an air source heat pump can elevate a property’s market value. With rising consciousness about energy conservation and green initiatives, homes with renewable energy systems are becoming increasingly appealing to prospective buyers.

In essence, air source heat pumps come with a plethora of advantages ranging from energy conservation and economic benefits to a compact design and increased real estate value. By opting for this technology, not only can you ensure a cozy living space but also champion the cause of an eco-friendly future.

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